Spot your bottlenecks and free your business to succeed.

by Business Talents

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This package includes:
* Use the strategy-builder from any device
* Receive a 10-page printable and shareable pdf report, with practical strategy suggestions and business forecasts
* Lifetime access for one business
* 100% money back guarantee

About this business diagnosis test

So you run a business and you wonder how to make it better? This business test, made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, was built for you.

Simply put. Test your approach, test your processes, test your resistance and get a precise, big picture, on how efficient you are.

All it takes is about 30 minutes to answer about 50 questions. You will then receive a clear 10-page diagnosis of your business. The next step is for you to use our brief to figure out what works and what doesn't, and to decide what you can do next.

100% of successful entrepreneurs have had a hard time building their business. We are now making this process easier. And you, where do you stand?

"Philippe became my business coach since Jan 2019 . He inspire me a lot by bringing me to a really entrepreneurial perspective. I appreciate his expertise as well as his patience to me. Looking forward to learning more from him and resulting a significant improvement to our company."

Andy Wai Managing Director
at Natuzero Limited

"PHILIPPE is my entrepreneur coach since January , 2019 . When I started my new company June , 2018 ... I don’t know how can I bring my company to another level ... I know how to be an employee but I don’t know how to be a boss when you take full responsibility of your own company . After having PHILIPPE as my coach ... every week we meet one hour for our coaching session, I got new ideas and raise my level of consciousness as well . At the end , his coaching session is not only help my business, but the quality of my life . I can enjoy my own life ... same time make my business in a proper way .. give myself more confidence in my position.... we always talking about working in my business or on my business... it’s seems that I never have that idea in my mind before... now I aware I am not only work in my business but also to give myself time to work on my business as well !!! Thanks PHILIPPE! It’s really help my business and my life as well ."

Rainbow HUI
R & B Family Office

"Philippe is a highly experienced coach that can quickly and efficiently create a plan of action tailored to your needs. His communication skills are on the same high level so you have the best feedback and explanation every step of the way."

Barry Balfoort
Co-Founder at Three Thirds Group

"Philippe is the best business coach I have ever came across. He not only sees the weakness in the business, but also sees the weakness in founder's mindset , which is the core of the core. Thank you very much!"

John Mok
Manager at Babelland Technology Limited

"I met Philippe during the Business Talent events he led in HK supporting innovators and I became naturally his client when I joined a new corporate position as the head of Insurtech. Philippe was able to bring me great support and coaching with a valuable external vision as I was navigating in a new environment building a new unit. We could together use the right frameworks and build a very pragmatic plan that have helped me build the initial business strategy. I was really looking forward each weekly sessions and we always find answers to my numerous puzzles ... A great coach and a great friend !"

Yannick Even
Head of InsurTech Solutions @Swiss Re Asia

"By listening to and questioning us, Philippe has helped us over the past 18 months through out Greater China to develop strategies and implement them with appropriate and exciting tools As entrepreneurs we need to boost our business and to take the most efficient decisions in a quick and reliable way. It is reassuring to know we have a trustworthy person outside of our organisation to help us to clarify how to get the heads up every single week."

Martin Ma
Director at Good Concept Group Limited

"I have had the pleasure to know Philippe for 4 years and I have learned a tremendous amount in that time from him.
He is that rare breed of business and strategic adviser who makes the seemingly impossible utterly and methodically attainable. His genius lies not only in his ability to break complex ideas and concepts down into understandable, digestible elements, but to do so with an enviable level of articulateness, eloquence and poise.
As an authentic and avid organizer of Networking Events, he is an exceptional public speaker and never fails to deliver smart, probing, insights that engage any audience.
He is one of those people whose invitations you look forward to, because he tends to attract interesting people. He has the ability to build solid relationships at all levels.
I can't wait to see what he does next to enlarge his empire."


"I know Philippe for over 3 years now. He is not only known for his inspirational talks on the events he organises for Entrepreneurs but also a great professional. He is great at boosting business, putting rigor in organisation with pragmatic tool and templates and delivering tangible results in a minimum amount of time. I would recommend him to anyone who want to grow their business faster."

Laurent Lameck (樂洛銘)
Head Of Business Development at HARi - CRM & DATA

"Philippe is a great coach. It’s not often you find someone not just teaching the theory of starting and maintaining a successful business but practicing the principles acquired in his coaching education with his full heart and in his own daily life. He is always ready to improve, learn and grow and spreads a positive and energetic attitude towards his surrounding.
I am a colleague of Philippe and as a Psychologist myself we have great exchanges and we enjoy analysing psychological principles and motivational theories together.
Philippe is not just a great motivator but he is also patience, dedicated and highly disciplined and organised. I have confidence he will go very far in life and I look forward to seeing him expand his coaching empire."

Dr. Julia A. Andre, CPsychol
Interested in Psychopathology, Specialised in Clinical Diagnostic, Therapy & Research

"April 11, 2017, Philippe BONNET ✦ worked with Charles in the same group
It's been a pleasure working with Philipe for the past 18 months. He is always reliable, honest, and calm. Further, he has a great deal of business experience and technical expertise that which he is easily able to apply to a variety of situations. I'm confident that our business partnership will work well for years to come.

Charles Beddow
Head Of Training And Development at Kickstart Professional Services

"I have great admiration for what Philippe managed to accomplish in such a short time in Hong Kong: create and animate a strong network community for connecting french entrepreneurs first, and secondly, another network of entrepreneurs of HongKongese, British, German, etc, ... Both are a huge succes and was extremly useful for the developement of my business. I strongly recommend Philipe for business boost and marketing strategies implementation! Phillipe is very professional, rigorous, efficient and inspirational!"

Vivian Meriguet
Co-founder of WILD | Digital Business Makers

"Philippe m'a accompagné pendant plusieurs mois en 2016. Grâce à des techniques précises, j'ai réussi à franchir des étapes importantes dans le développement de ma société. Merci encore pour ces séances de travail dont j'en ressens quotidiennement le bénéfice. Lionel Hugonnier"

Lionel Hugonnier
MOSAIK CRÉATION ★ France Distributor ★ Fortelock ★ Bergoflooring ★

"Philippe helped me work through the most one of the most challenging periods of expanding my restaurant business. His thoughtful guidance as a coach and friend helped me shape effective strategies under those circumstances. His rich business experience across different industries enable him to offer true insight that is not cookie-cutter or expected"

Victor Arminjon
MBA Intern at adidas