12 tips for an effective presentation

12 tips for an effective presentation

All entrepreneurs have at least one thing in common. They have to do business presentations. Sometimes, it is difficult to catch the attention of a whole audience. It can be for different reasons, but if you follow some key points you will have better results. Here are 12 tips for an effective presentation.  

  1. Adapt your message. Before making your presentation, ask some proper questions. Who is going to come and listen to my presentation ? What are their issues? (Pain) What are they expecting? (Goal) and how can I help them ? (Help) When you have your answers, your audience is targeted and you can start.
  2. Do not use more than 6 words per sentence. People can’t listen and read a paragraph on your slide at the same time. You need to choose. Try to remember why people are coming to your presentation.
  3. Do not read your slides. If you take time to do your slideshow and you work on it long enough, you will know your text. You are the speaker. You are the source of information. Your slideshow is there to support you and illustrate your remarks.
  4. Select high quality images. We live in a virtual world. 93% of all human communication is visual. The brain processes visual data 60 000 times faster than text. Use images. If you want to introduce yourself, do not use bullet points, your life is not made up from bullet points. It is made from moments you have lived.  
  5. Express your passion. You can’t have everyone’s attention if you don’t believe in your ideas or in your company. You need to show your passion and enthusiasm. Use strong words (Cool, amazing, wonderful), these are key to provoking emotion.
  6. Create a unique explosive tagline. Repeating your tagline several times during your presentation will help your audience remember it. Later on, they should have an easier time recalling it when searching for the slideshow or article online.
  7. 3 examples, 3 ideas, 3 missions … The number 3 is a good number. There is no scientific explanation for this. Steve Jobs loved this concept. When he introduced the Iphone, he introduced 3 products. The first one, an iPod touch screen, the second, a revolutionary phone. And the third, a product to improve internet communication. In actuality, it was not three separate products. It was one, and its name was the
  8. Become their magician. If you created your own business or your boss created the company, the goal was to respond to a specific need. Remember the discontentment, the anxiety, and the fear of the unknown before you arrived on the market. Take advantage of this and reverse the situation.
  9. Use emotional triggers. Happy or sad. If you talk about death, show a grave in your slide. Make a joke. If people laugh in your audience, they will be more attentive, and you will feel more comfortable.
  10. Illustrate your points.For thousands of years people have told stories. Describe your experiences and your services with stories. Adapt these stories to your audience. A programmer, designer or politician will not respond similarly to the same information.
  11. Train hard! You have to know your slideshow, key points and stories. Practice in real conditions. Luminosity is not the same on your computer as the screen of the projector. Timing is extremely important when delivering your presentation. If you haven’t practiced, your audience will know so even if you know your subject it won’t be fluent. Even more disturbing if you don’t finish your presentation because you take too much time at the beginning, or if you skip slides.
  12. The last one concerns fonts and colors. In marketing, colors evoke different things; green- harmony, blue- peace, orange- creativity, etc.  Another point is to use free pictures. This is very important if you put your presentation online.

With these 12 tips for an effective presentation, you may not become another Steve Jobs or Anthony Robbins, You will be the same person but you will give a great presentation.

Louis Cordelette
Founder Ownline Agency


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