How to boost your business with social media?

On Monday 13th June, the Business Talent Network hosted a very insightful conference on social media organized in collaboration with Lug Giroud, cofounder of the Wild at Heart Hong Kong digital agency.

Social media nowadays has become a crucial aspect of a business’ online marketing and visibility strategy. In over an hour, our partner offered an audience of fourty entrepreneurs some expert advice on social media strategy building, as well as guidance on content development and ROI maximization.

Because the organic reach of online content (that is, the ability for readers to find content naturally) on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google+ is decreasing, getting in touch and communicating with a community of clients and followers has become even more important these days. Taking Facebook as a case study, Wild at Heart thus discussed multiple ways to use a business’ online presence as a powerful connector, whether as part of an organic reach campaign or as part of a well thought sponsored operation.

Simply put, the key aspect of a successful online strategy is to define a context, determine goals and identify the proper audience target so as to maximize conversion rates and… business! Whether it is through the use of pictures, written blog publications, videos, giveaway contests and editorial calendar management or KPI-based analytical tools, various solutions exist and should be relied upon when it comes to engaging with the public and offering readers (and clients) efficient content that actually adds value and instant gratification. Don’t sell, be cool!

Antoine Martin – The Political Economy Circle


Presented by Lug GIROUD – WILD AT HEART for an extraordinary BTNetwork Meeting

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